Child Health Foundation NEWS is published three times a year and each issue is mailed to over 1,200 readers and contributors. The content of the newsletter informs interested and caring individuals about our activities and the findings of important research. Further, we try to disseminate the latest information concerning children’s health and disease prevention for all those who care for and about children.

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Newsletter 3 -2017 >  Joy, Love, Peace, Good News, ICDDR,B Honored, Heart Wrenching, Heart Wash

Newsletter 2 -2017 >  Cronkite Students Enhance CHF, Clay Water Filters Improve Children’s Health, Hands and Hearts, In Memorium: R. Bradley Sack, MD, ScD

Newsletter 1 -2017 >   2016 Small Grants Awarded, Revolutionary New Vaccine, Preventing Malnutrition, Better Health with Clean Water, Saving Newborns


Newsletter 3 -2016 >   Happy Holidays, Take a Deep Breath, Lather Up, Women Mechanics, Read it in the Comics

Newsletter 2 -2016 >   Emergency Aid to Landslide Victims, The Simple Solution that Saves Lives, T.B. Diagnosis and Treatment, Children Planting Seeds and Growing, We Proudly Announce, Saving Newborns

Newsletter 1 -2016 >  CHF Turns 30, New Website, Seven Small Grants Awarded, Letter from the Chair, One Program – Ten Years Later – Hundreds of Lives Changed, Newborns Survive, Families Survive


Newsletter 3 -2015 >
Happy Holidays, Director Honored, Nuts!, Do You Have a Toilet?, New Board Member, Rain Water in Schools

Newsletter 2 -2015 >
Help to Nepal, Better Breathing, Some Good News, Saving Newborns, On Tap, More Clean Water, Latest New Board Member, Library Tanks

Newsletter 1 -2015 >
Twelve Small Grants Awarded, Wash Your Hands!, 2014 Annual Report, 2015 Board of Directors, Letter from the Chair, Training of Health Workers, An Orphanage on an Island, Please use GoodSearch, Preventing Enteric Disease, Alive at Seven, Do it yourself, okay?, 2015 Innovative Small Grants, New Board Member, Emergency Aid, Retreat


Newsletter 3 -2014 >
Preventing Anemia, Joy, Love, Peace, Handwashing with Tippy-Tap, Our New Office, Breathing Better, New Development Officer, Alive at Seven, Wash Your Hands!

Newsletter 2 -2014 >
A Gift From Yale, Action for Health, Sanitary Facilities, You Can Trust Us, Clean, Clear Water, WASH, Rainwater Harvesting, Latest New Board Member, Lab testing successful

Newsletter 1 -2014 >
Letter from the Chair, 2014 Board of Directors, Eight Small Grants Awarded, 2014 Innovative Small Grants, Water Is Life, Peer Groups Deliver the Message, At an Orphanage on an Island, Water Dispensers with Taps, Please use GoodSearch, GEMS, Safe Water and Storage, Emergency Aid, Obesity in the United States, 2013 Annual Report


Newsletter 3 -2013 >
Diagnosing Enteric Illness, Working with Medical Students, Philanthropy, Wind and Water, Good Training, More Clean Water, More Good Health, Two New Board Members

Newsletter 2 -2013 >
The Importance of Handwashing, Get the Good News Out, Tippy Tap, Safe Water, Clay Pots, Eco-san Toilet, Centre has New Director, Safe Water, Community Participation

Newsletter 1 -2013 >
Letter from the Chair, Seven Small Grants Awarded, Kangaroo Mother Care, 2013 Board of Directors, 2013 Innovative Small Grants, Final Report from Sierra Leone, At an Orphanage on an Island, Need it Quickly? It’s in Your Kitchen, Natural Disinfectant, More Clean Water, Informing the Public, Preventing Death from Diarrhea


Newsletter 3 -2012 >
Creative Instruction, We’ve Made a Difference, Hygiene Promoted, Tippy Tap, Out! Worms, CHF Supports Cholera Research, Good Training, Working with Medical Students

Newsletter 2 -2012 >
Melinda Gates Visits the Centre, Administrative Director Retires, Overcoming Malnutrition, Teaching with Film and Marches, Esther Lazarson, Rain Water for Better Health, New Member of the Board, Solar Disinfection

Newsletter 1 -2012 >
Letter from the Chair, 2012 Board of Directors, Six Small Grants Awarded, Two New Board Members, Clean, Clear Water, 2012 Innovative Small Grants, Pumping Up Iron, Friends Orphanage School, Building Motivation in the Community, Donald Mackay Medal, Transforming Health in Mali, Saving Lives in India, Health Education in Mexico


Newsletter 3 -2011 >
Saving Lives in Nigeria, Saving Lives in West Bengal, From Pond to Sea, Saving Lives Everywhere, Saving Lives in Madagascar, Saving Lives in Orissa, Saving Lives in Nicaragua, Emergency Relief, Monica Ashok, Saving Lives in Dominican Republic, Saving Lives in Mali

Newsletter 2 -2011 >
Doula (Mother’s Helper), Overcoming Malnutrition, A Thousand Days, Clean Hands = Better Health, Health Education for Orphans, Two Projects in Mexico, Skill Training

Newsletter 1 -2011 >
Letter from the Chair, Seven Small Grants Awarded, Dan Climbs for Child Health, More Clean Water, 2011 Innovative Small Grants, Dirty Water and Cholera, Filtering the Water, Zinc is Best, Exclusive Breastfeeding, Demystifying Breastfeeding, ORS for Cholera Epidemic, Haiti, Making Info Available, New Bathroom, Help for Pakistan Floods, Food Security, 2010 Annual Report – Ready Soon


Newsletter 3 -2010 >
Health Education, Awareness Programs, Our Website, Dan Climbs for Child Health, Rape Devastates Lives, A Doula is a Trained Mom Helper, Growing Taller Children, Malnutrition Program, Emergency Relief, Improved Sanitation Practices, Buy a Card, Save a Life

Newsletter 2 -2010 >
Children Study with Solar Lamps, Better Nutrition, Centre in Bangladesh to be Learning Lab, Text4Baby, WaterGuard, COTS, Quick Aid to Disaster Victims, Education and Micronutrients, Poultry and Fish Farming, Rita Colwell Granted Award, Saving Newborns, World Food Day

Newsletter 1 -2010 >
Letter from the Chair, 2010 Innovative Small Grants, 2009 Annual Report Ready Soon, 2010 Board of Directors, Twelve Small Grants Awarded, Clean Water, Tubewell donated by Maryland Presbyterian Church, Inexpensive Worm Treatment, Finger-lickin’ Good, Health and Child Support, What Can Be Done?, HIV and Anemia, A Coloring Book for Siblings, Breast is Best, Good News in Pakistan


Newsletter 3 -2009 > Reaching Out to China, Alternate Energy, Saving Children’s Lives, Addressing Malnutrition, Cleaner Water with Filter, Improving Health through Awareness, Mobile Malnutrition Program, Emergency Relief, Reducing Stigma of HIV/AIDS, A Forgotten Disease, Buy A Card, Save a Life.

Newsletter 2 -2009 >
George Washington Carver Would be Pleased, WaterGuard, Going Ciber, Keeping Children Healthy, More Clean Drinking Water, Quick Aid to Disaster Victims, Poultry and Fish Farming, Violence against Women, Music, Dance, Drama, New Board Director, Security Blankets

Newsletter 1 -2009 >
Ten Small Grants Awarded, Treating Cholera in Zimbabwe, Happier Mexican Children, Letter from the Chair, Board Director Receives Honor, Health Care for Uninsured Children, U. S. Presidents and Children, Overcoming HIV Stigma, Mother’s Clubs, 2009 Innovative Small Grants, Study Addresses Anemia in India, Water-borne Diseases in Bengal, Centre in Bangladesh Promotes Gender Equality


Newsletter 3 -2008 >
Can Books Help Kids Lose Weight?, Healthy Food, Want to See What You’ve Done?, New Project in Congo, Clean Water and Latrines, We have a New Brochure, New Director, Soul Food for Baby, Buy a Card, Save a Life, Mother Support Groups

Newsletter 2 -2008 >
More Clean Drinking Water; Exclusive Breastfeeding; Keeping Children Healthy; Mothers’ Clubs; Quick Aid to Disaster Victims; Healthier Babies; Music, Dance, Drama; Three New Board Directors

Newsletter 1 -2008 >
Villagers Benefit from Health Care; 2008 Innovative Small Grants; Cows Chickens and Bicycles—Part II; She Enjoyed Her Visit; The Foundation Has Two New Board Members; Letter from the Chair; Food For the Poorest; Improved Attitudes; School Sanitation Clubs; Mexican Worms; Workshops Promote UN Goals; Anemia and HIV


Newsletter 3 -2007 >

Newsletter 2 -2007 >

Newsletter 1 -2007 >

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Other News

Dan Climbs for Child Health

Dan Climbs for Child Health

Daniel Sack, M.D. - Aconcagua Climb, led by Andes Mountain Guides January 5th - 20th, 2011 Please indicate Dan Climbs for Child Health in the "Comments" box of the form. 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes to Child Health Foundation. Dan (age 51) was born in...

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Pakistan Relief Efforts

The devastation caused by flooding in Pakistan has us all wanting to help more. According to UNICEF, the lives of 3.5 million children are under threat. You have heard and seen the rest from the media. Child Health Foundation supports an organization there which has...

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Cyclone Aila Victims Need Help

Below is a request for emergency assistance from Seed Welfare Society (Kolkata, India), where there has been a devastating cyclone. Child Health Foundation has supported this organization since 2005--an orphanage that we gave a Small Grant to build a clinic and then...

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A Surprise Appearance

Bill and Melinda Gates made an unannounced visit to ICDDR,B in Bangladesh in December 2006. Their foundation has donated generously to the Center, especially for pneumonia studies. Upper respiratory diseases hold the number one cause of death among children in the...

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Improving Education Through Improved Water Supply

Improving Education Through Improved Water Supply

Tube-Wells Are Saving Lives (2007 Update) Environmental and Population Research Centre (EPRC), Bangladesh Dr. Bilqis Hoque, the principal investigator, and the Environmental and Population Research Centre (EPRC) in Bangladesh, the CHF-funded water project in...

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World Food Production Study

Sustainable Farm Practices Improve Third World Food Production ScienceDaily (Jan. 24, 2006) Crop yields on farms in developing countries that used sustainable agriculture rose nearly 80 percent in four years, according to a study scheduled for publication in the Feb....

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