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lazarsonEsther Lazarson is the author of this poem that illustrates her intimate commitment to helping the children of the world get clean water to help them stay healthy and free of water-borne diseases. She has already given over $100,000 to Child Health Foundation for the EPRC project in Bangladesh.

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The Implant of a Mitsve* June 2007

Thrilled by the view from the fifty-first floor,
I put my dental health in his hands.
I paid in advance for upper jaw implants.
The building was prestigious. His office grand
The bad thing was, he put in my mouth
The first dental implants that ever were made
When I told him they hurt, that I couldn’t eat
And asked for a refund, he wouldn’t trade.
Before I took him to court, he settled the case.
Dr, Wicked-Dentist was forced to pay up.
I received enough money to take out his work.
With the next dentist’s work, I could dine and could sup.
I had ten thousand dollars more than I needed
To renovate me and give me a true smile.
“This is for my pain,” I said to myself,
“This is money I earned with anguish and bile.”
“I shall give it away. I will do something good.”
I felt ten thousand dollars was a sizable sum.
but to whom, and for what, I wanted to know.
Watching ‘Journey to Planet Earth” the answer had come.
In Bangladesh and Peru, where villagers live
They hadn’t a drop of water that’s clean
I turn my tap and clean water flows.
I wondered how much my money might mean.
I gave them both more than the money I earned.
In exchange for my terror and long months of gloom,
There are villagers now in Bangladesh and Peru,
Where people are healthier, and children can bloom.

*Mitsve is a Hebrew word for Good Deed.